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Padma Negi places her belief in a secure, appropriated and nurturing environment when it comes to establishing social, emotional, cognitive and physical growth. In her opinion, the most important aspect of education is being able to create a positive self image and a love for learning among students.

She is an able academician backed up with her immense experience in fulfilling the role of a Principal. Having led schools of prestige such as Billabong High Mumbai & Poddar International School, her guidance to Canary High School in Pune has proved to be a priceless contribution. She has been encouragement to not only provide a good atmosphere for the students’ development as a sensitive human being but also transforming every child into a life-long learner and a global admirer.

Ms. Padma Negi comments that education must give each child more than the benefit of communication. It should help him/her grow confidant to meet the needs of a world full of opportunities. She stresses that unless every child’s needs are met properly in early ages as well as the ages of development across the tender years, the chances are that they may falter in educational performance during their youth. We are forever happy to announce that the Canary High Students rise under the guided leadership of a fine educationalist and academician as Padma Negi.

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Mansi Jhadav is a dentist by the day and an activist by choice. She finds that confidence and social-skills of each child to have a top-position while climbing up the educational ladder. She holds that it is of extreme importance to plan a carefully curated atmosphere which is warm, welcoming as well as engaging to achieve the social aspect of education that is usually neglected.

In her opinion appropriate schooling and educational transactions are all about developing children into rounded little people. Her focus for Canary High is, therefore, one that goes beyond making a provision for academic excellence but pushing students to learn as members of a community. Our plan for your kids is to help them grow up to be respected individuals rooted in strong and significant core values.